NMGCS Il International Composition Competition Fikret Amirov

NMGCS Il International Composition Competition

Fikret Amirov


The National Music and Global Culture Society (New York) announces the NMGCS II International Composition Competition to recognize outstanding new full-scale musical works inspired by the musical material authored Fikret Amirov. The goal of the competition is to bring together musical communities around the world and to initiate the creation of pieces that combine well-known Amirov melodies with the musical traditions of different nationalities around the world. The purpose of this competition is to protect the works of the great composer from plagiarism and to promote Azerbaijani culture worldwide.


The Competition Jury will include distinguished composers.

The prize fund of the competition is $ 3,500. The best compositions (the number is not limited) will be published in the USA, and the works of the winners will be performed at the Lincoln Center (Bruno Walter Auditorium) in New York, USA, as well as at the Uzeyir Hajibeyli International Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Documents typed electronic versions of the work and audio recordings must be submitted before July 1, 2022.



* An original composition (only 1) for solo instrument or small ensemble (up to 5 instruments), based on one or several of ten (10) pre-selected Amirov melodies must be submitted. Pieces featuring voice will also be accepted (the number of performers should not exceed 5). For details, see https://nmgcs.co/nmgcs-2-icc-references/

* The composer may use only one of the instruments listed below (except violin and voice):

piano, violin (up to 2 in the ensemble), viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, or oboe voice (up to 2 in the ensemble): soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone.

* Submitted works should not exceed 15 minutes in duration.

* No age limits.

* There are no stylistic limitations.

* The title of the piece should pay an homage to Fikret Amirov and the title of the

borrowed melody.

* The piece must be sent in PDF format (manuscripts will not be accepted) and MP3



* Blind jury: Members of the international

jury will receive compositions collected by the organizing committee, under a certain

number, without indicating the name of the composer.

* The winners will be announced worldwide on September 18, 2021- on the National

Music Day of Azerbaijan.

* Application Fee is $15


More details are available at nmgcs.co

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